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Travel Softball


Welcome Lady Warriors and Parents to the 2017 Season!  We are excited to get outside and practice, where we can build upon the work that we did indoors all winter long.  I know the girls are excited, as are our coaches to begin the season.  Congratulations again to all the girls that made the team, and we look forward to a great season!

Link to 2017 Travel Softball Registration Site

Click on this link to go to the registration site.

House Softball Required For Travel Players

House League Requirements and Conflicts

All travel players through 6th grade must play in the Deerfield Spring House league. This also applies for out of District players; however, the out of district player can petition to have the house requirement waived. For example, it is doubtful a travel girl from Highland Park can opt out of the house requirement due to the proximity of the towns. A girl who is playing for DYBA but comes from the Evanston area may not be required due to logistics.

As far as conflicts between a house league function and a travel function, house league games take precedent over a travel practice and games. Managers of House and Travel teams are encouraged to work together if travel teams create conflicts. The House Spring Softball Schedule is designed to leave open at least two weeknights, Saturday afternoons and Sundays for travel activities. Travel managers are directed to schedule their games during these open times during the Spring House Season.

No travel games may/should or practices should be scheduled during the House playoffs. If Travel activities are scheduled during House playoffs, the Travel activities must be cancelled if there is a conflict.

Travel games and practices take precedent over house league practices. 

Dan McGrath

Director of Travel Softball

Phone: 630-743-1497