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Harry Steindler Award

Harry Steindler Award

DYBA is pleased to announce the creation of the Harry Steindler Award. This award is dedicated to Harry Steindler, who in his years on the DYBA Board served as the Treasurer, Commissioner, Immediate Past Commissioner and Co-Director of Baseball.  He has served as a DYBA leader for more than 15 years.  Harry has dedicated countless hours and always gone above and beyond in serving our community.  The Harry Steindler Award will be awarded by the DYBA Commissioner each year to one member of the DYBA Community who has demonstrated the highest level of commitment and leadership to DYBA, and to the girls and boys of Deerfield.


2020 Steindler Award Winner - Dan McGrath

Congratulations to Dan McGrath, former DYBA Commissioner, Travel Softball Director and Director of Fields for his leadership and devotion to DYBA - honored as the 2020 winner of the Harry Steindler Award.


Read more about Dan McGrath as well as the 2020 Community Impact Award Winners HERE.

2019 Steindler Award Winner - Mike Danielewicz

Congratulations to Michael Danielewicz, former DYBA Commissioner and current Fields Director for outstanding leadership and service to the community - honored as the 2019 winner of the Harry Steindler Award.

2018 Steindler Award Winner - Lew Bricker

Congratulations to Lew Bricker, longtime DYBA Board Member, Commissioner, Parent Volunteer/Manager, a wonderful advocate, advisor and example for the community as a dedicated parent - honored as the 2018 winner of the Harry Steindler Award.

2014 Steindler Award Winner - Beth Sciarretta

The 2014 Harry Steindler Award winner is Beth Sciarretta for her tireless commitment in a variety of volunteer and board roles to provide quality baseball and softball programs for the boys and girls of Deerfield.

2013 Steindler Award Winner - Harry Steindler

The 2013 winner of the Harry Steindler Award is Harry Steindler. His colleagues thought it appropriate to award Harry the eponymous inaugural award for his significant contributions to the DYBA Board and promoting the highest ideals of youth sports through baseball in the village. 

A Word from Harry

"In 2001, after four years as a DYBA Dad and coach, a good friend asked me to join the DYBA board.  I thought it was a real honor to be asked and I couldn’t imagine saying no.  I served on the board for twelve years, in numerous committee positions and I coached over 30 teams.  All of this was an incredible honor.  To work with the boys and girls of Deerfield, to coach and serve with so many wonderful, incredibly dedicated people was inspiring and rewarding.  I’ve always loved baseball (I always have a glove and ball in my car in case someone needs to play catch) and to be able to take my passion and give something back to the families of Deerfield is one of the most meaningful things I’ve done in my life.  Still, one of my favorite things to do is to get on my bike and ride from park to park on a Saturday afternoon to watch baseball and softball games.  This award means the world to me – I am overwhelmed that the 2012 board created this award in my name and that I was the first honoree.  Thank you to the board, thank you to the families who allowed me to have so much fun doing this, thank you to my family, Marcy, Dina, Alex and Mitchell, and thank you to my friend Jeff Burgess, the commissioner in 2001 who thought I had something good to offer DYBA and our community.  An addendum - I've rejoined the board effective September 2015 - see you on the fields this spring!" - Harry Steindler