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USA Baseball Stamp

USA Baseball Stamp

Summer Mustang is for boys in 3rd or 4th grade in the Fall of 2020. Season will begin July 6th (Phase 4 of Restore Illinois permitting) and will go through August 15th.

Mustang games are once a week in the early evening (approx. 545pm either Mondays or Wednesdays) and once more on Saturday mornings (approx. 9am or 1130am).

Teams are created with a pre-season draft of all eligibie mustang players.


**DYBA Mustang League Bat Rules**    At the mustang level, all bats must be EITHER (i) stamped with "USA Baseball." Only bats with the permanent "USA Baseball" stamp are allowed OR (ii) non big barrel bats (i.e., barrel no bigger than 2 1/4").


The success of the season depends on the volunteer parents.  As such, we are in need of Mustang Managers and Coaches for 2020!  No previous coaching experience is necessary. Coaching is a great way to spend time with your child.  If you are interested in coaching , please contact the Mustang president at the link below.

Giants - 2018 Mustang Summer Champs

Giants - 2018 Mustang Summer Champs




DYBA has been making a number of changes to both their baseball and softball programs.  These changes are both in response to many suggestions made by YOU over the past seasons, and are consistent with our overall mission of placing more emphasis on the development of our players.

To accommodate these ideas, we've also "remodeled" the traditional schedule we've employed for many seasons.  Below is an outline of the season's arc and our desired result:


Beginning the week of spring break (for those in town) and throughout much of April, we will have pre-season clinics to begin our house league season.  The clinics will be in many cases run by many of the talented coaches from our travel baseball program, as well as some outside instructors and our house league coaches.

The clinics are designed to give players more repetition, instruction and education to better prepare them for the regular season than we've done previously.  We'll begin these before the MUSTANG league draft and continue them throughout the season.


The new schedule is intended to achieve the following results:

-- Allot more time devoted to instruction, practice and training during the early weeks before games begin.

--Minimize some of the conflicts for our players who also play in our travel program.

--Schedule more games each week at the end of the season when the weather is more "baseball weather".


In addition to helping our players, we also have designed certain things to better help our volunteers who take time to coach our teams.

We've designed a "playbook" that will give our coaches access to practice plans used by our travel coaches as well as high school and collegiate coaches.  This guide will be accessible on our web site before teams are selected and will give our coaches access to a greater variety of drills and plays that are appropriate for the age group of each of our levels.