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DYBA offers Spring Baseball for boys in their last year of Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade

Summer registration will open May 1, 2022

T-Ball - Final year of Pre-K and Kindergarten 

Pinto - 1st and 2nd grades

Mustang - 3rd and 4th grades 

Bronco - 5th and 6th grades

Pony - 7th and 8th Grades

Colt - 15-17 years old

Senior Colt - 18-60 years old


Click on the link below to go to the registration page:

Link to DYBA registration site


Important Registration Info:

  • DYBA is pleased to offer and early bird discount before moving to a tiered fee structure. You’ll find the list of dates below.
    • $25 DISCOUNT if registered prior to December 31, 2021
    • Normal League Fee from January 1, 2022 through March 1, 2022
    • $50 Late Fee from March 2, 2022 through March 27, 2022
    • $75 Late Fee (AND subject to team availability) on and after March 28, 2022

Our goal is not to have to impose fees so please sign up early!

***There will be a draft selection process for ALL ages***

***We cannot honor any friendship requests***


New Policy Regarding Teammate Requests


The DYBA team selection process is designed to create even teams in each division and attempt to create the most competitive and fun balance for all players involved. Every effort is taken to eliminate the possibility of unbalanced teams. For those reasons, DYBA does not allow friendship requests for its Baseball or Softball teams.  Requests for placement of a child on a team with another child, a specific coach outside of their own parent/guardian, and/or a carpool group will not be considered.

            Simultaneously, acknowledging that parent volunteers are the backbone of the DYBA organization, parent volunteer coaches may request to coach their own child alongside up to one (1) other coach under the following guidelines:

  1. All volunteers who would like to coach must be registered as a Coach/Assistant Coach/Manager in the DYBA registration system and must pass the background check process.
  2. For any coach pairing request to be considered, each of the Coaches/Managers must also request each other to ensure the coach requests are mutual. For Example: If Coach Smith requests to be paired with Coach Jones, then Coach Jones must also request to be paired with Coach Smith.
  3. No more than two (2) coach volunteers can request to be placed on the same team with each other.

DYBA will then make every effort to place the requesting coaches on the same team.  Please note that while every effort will be made, this is not a guarantee.

All siblings/relatives within the same age group will automatically be placed on the same team unless otherwise directed by their parents/guardians.

To request that coaches be placed on the same team, please follow these guidelines. Coach requests are only accepted in the comments section of the coach registration system once registration for that specific league opens. No phone or email requests will be accepted. All correctly submitted coach pairing requests will be recorded for consideration, but, as always, not guaranteed. The DYBA League Board and each of the Baseball/Softball Directors reserve all final decisions on teams to accommodate extenuating circumstances as may be needed.

Message from the Directors of House Baseball

We are honored to serve as co-Directors of DYBA Baseball and are looking to build on the success of prior years.  We are excited by the opportunity and look forward to your participation and feedback -- more details to follow.

Over the past three years, DYBA increased the resources to training and it has produced positive results.  Therefore, DYBA will continue to have clinics and group practice events run by the Deerfield High School baseball coaches, as well as many of our own travel baseball coaches.  Before, during and after the seasons, our goal is to allocate the necessary time and space for these clinics and learning experiences.

Outside of any improvements we may enact, as we do each and every year, for DYBA – our first and primary focus is the children of our program.  Regardless of the player’s age or ability, we strive to teach the benefits of baseball as it relates to life.  We need to stress to all the players honesty, and the importance of making good decisions both on and off the baseball field.  We need to stress teamwork, good sportsmanship and attempt to instill a positive working attitude in our young adults.  We, as parents, need to remember that we are here for the kids, not the other way around.

We hope as well, that all parents and players of our organization see and understand what it takes to make a league of this size run productively.  Only a few volunteers put in hundreds of hours to make sure every item from registration to the last games are great experiences for all involved.  Please consider volunteering some time and giving back to this league.  There is no organization more dedicated and productive when it comes to baseball than DYBA.

Adam Heiman & Logan Rosenthal





Spring T-Ball is for boys in Pre-K or Kindergarten in the Spring of 2021. T-Ball players finishing Kindergarten in the Fall of 2022 will transition to the Pinto League in the Fall of 2022.

Children are eligible to play fall T-Ball if they are entering their final year of Pre-Kindergarten or in Kindergarten in the Fall of 2022.

**DYBA T-Ball League Bat Rules**

At the t-ball level, no big barrel bats are allowed. Big Barrel bats are anything with a barrel diameter size of more than 2 1/4". Any such bats will not be allowed to be used at the t-ball level



The season begins late-March and continues through mid-June. Spring T-Ball meets once a week on Saturday mornings (approx. 9am or 1030am) and one other night during the week (either Monday or Wednesday).

Game Structure

T-Ball games are broken into an initial practice and then a 3-inning game immediately after the practice concludes.   All players hit off the tee, bat every inning, positions are rotated, and no score is kept.  The total time is around 1 hour.


Games will be held at Kipling School and South Park school (potentially other locations depending on number of teams)


The success of the T-Ball season depends on the volunteer parents.  We are ALWAYS in need of T-Ball Managers and Coaches!  No previous coaching experience is necessary. We can help you though every step of the process.  Games are only one hour long and you get to spend time out on the fields with your child!  If you are interested in coaching then please register through the same process as you signed up your child. There will always be 1 manager per team and then the goal is to have an additional 2-3 coaches per team so do not feel you have to make every game in order to volunteer.

Brian Teven

T-Ball Co-President

Todd Burman

T-Ball House Co-President

Zach Kaplan

T-ball Co-President

Pinto Baseball

Spring Pinto is for boys in 1st or 2nd grade. 

Season will begin late-March and ends in mid-June.

Pinto games are once during the week (either Tuesday or Thursday) AND Saturday mornings (approx. 9am or 11am).


**DYBA Pinto League Bat Rules**  At the pinto level, no big barrel bats are allowed. Big Barrel bats are anything with a barrel diameter size of more than 2 1/4". Any such bats will not be allowed to be used at the pinto level


Games are 5 innings long but not to exceed the 90 minute time limit.   Outs are kept but score is not. Coaches pitch to the children and all children bat and play all positions (please see Pinto rules below for more details).  

The success of the season depends on the volunteer parents.  As such, we are in need of Pinto Managers and Coaches for 2022!  No previous coaching experience is necessary.  Games are only an hour and a half long and are a great way to spend time with your child.  If you are interested in coaching , please sign up via the registration link.

Joel Seeskin

Pinto Co-President

Dan Mysel

Pinto Co-President

Mustang Baseball

Spring Mustang is for boys in 3rd or 4th grade. 

Season will begin late-March and will run through mid-June. 

Mustang games are played once during the week AND Saturday mornings.


DYBA Mustang teams may participate in the CSYBA inter-community league to ensure a fun and competitive season of play. 


**DYBA Mustang League Bat Rules** At the mustang level, all bats must be EITHER (i) stamped with "USA Baseball." Only bats with the permanent "USA Baseball" stamp are allowed OR (ii) non big barrel bats (i.e., barrel no bigger than 2 1/4").


The success of the season depends on the volunteer parents. As such, we are in need of Mustang Managers and Coaches for 2022!  No previous coaching experience is necessary. Coaching is a great way to spend time with your child. If you are interested in coaching , please contact the Mustang president at the link below.

Steve Manes

Mustang Co-President

Jimmy Stoneberg

Mustang Co-President

Bronco Baseball

Spring Bronco League is for boys in 5th and 6th grade. 

Season will begin late-March and will run through mid-June

**DYBA Bronco League Bat Rules**    At the Bronco level, all bats must be stamped with "USA Baseball." Only bats with the permanent "USA Baseball" stamp are allowed. 


Deerfield Bronco teams will be placed into a community house baseball league where they will play games against other house teams from neighboring towns (

Bronco will play inter-community with Winnetka, Wilmette, Glenview, Glencoe, Evanston, and Highland Park.


The success of the season depends on the volunteer parents.  As such, we are in need of Bronco Managers and Coaches for 2022!  No previous coaching experience is necessary. Coaching is a great way to spend time with your child.  If you are interested, you can register through the web link.

Logan Rosenthal

DYBA Bronco President

Pony Baseball

League primarily for players in 7th and 8th grade in the Spring/Summer of 2022.......Base paths are 80 feet long.......Players pitch from 54 feet.

This is solely house based inter-community league.  Travel players of this age group will play exclusively for their respective travel teams.  


Pony will play inter-community with Winnetka, Wilmette, Evanston, and Highland Park.



Art Silverman

Pony President

Colt Baseball

Colt League is played in the Summer season

League is for Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors (as of September 1, 2021)
Open to all players, no cuts.
League does not conflict with DHS summer leagues.
Players participating in high school baseball programs are eligible and welcome.
Games played on weekends only.
League begins Mid-June and lasts through mid-August.
Home Games are played at Clavey 1, Shepard 2, and Jewett 1
Come out and enjoy real baseball in real baseball weather
IHSA baseball rules- 90' base paths, 60'6" pitching
Volunteer Coaches

Senior Colt

Senior Colt league is played in the summer season

League is for players 18 years and older as of September 1, 2021.

Open to all players, no cuts.

Games played on weekends only.

Teams play in the Northern Lights League against teams from Buffalo Grove, New Trier, Glenview, and Skokie.

League play begins Mid June and lasts though mid-August.

Home games played at Clavey 1, Shepard 2, and Jewett 1.

IHSA baseball rules—90’ bases, 60’6” pitching.

Volunteer (adult) coaches.

Come out and enjoy real baseball in real baseball weather.

Mike Danielewicz

Colt/Senior Colt contact