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DYBA Umpire Evaluators are available to provide timely, on-field feedback to all officials over the course of the season. This feedback is designed to be constructive and help umpires advance by achieving league and pay promotions, as well as ensuring safety.

Before requesting an evaluation, perform a self-check using the criteria listed in the Umpire Pay Scale and the Code of Conduct. If it is evident an umpire has not performed a self-check before requesting an evaluation, he or she will receive an automatic demotion. Evaluations may also be conducted at random or upon request from league officials.

Evaluations are completed as soon as possible, given availability of the program administration. There is no guarantee an evaluation will lead to a promotion or demotion. DYBA Umpire Evaluators do not make promotion or demotion decisions, but evaluations are used as a basis for further review by the Director of Umpires.

The evaluation program is under the direction of the Umpire Supervisors, who hire and train additional evaluators.

Once you have read and understand these instructions, you may continue to Request Evaluation (Umpires).