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Elite Training Program

Warrior Elite Training Program

Training Uniforms

Overview (Registration)

Elite baseball training is an optional drop in training program. The development of our players skills, baseball IQ and confidence through hard work is our primary focus. We are committed to performance improvement by giving players individualized coaching and frequent repetitions.

This is a mastery based practice focused program there are no games.


This program is open to all players from ages 5 through 14 and there are no cuts. The program acknowledges different players develop at different rates. To register click here.

Dates, Fees, and Equipment

Summer and Fall season is outdoor weather permitting and costs $200 and runs for 8 weeks alongside the DYBA house baseball season. 

Winter and Spring season is indoor and costs $250 and runs for 8 weeks.

The pre-season training runs from Jan 12th - Mar 17th

There is an optional $120 uniform fee for Elite varsity style training uniform which includes socks, pants, jersey with your name on the back, and hat.  

Pre Season Training Schedule

PreK - K

  Friday 4-5pm @The Yard

  Sunday 12:30-1:30pm @ DHS Warrior Gym


1st - 2nd

  Friday 5-6pm @The Yard

  Sunday 12:30-1:30pm @ DHS Warrior Gym


3rd - 4th 

   Wednesday 7-8pm @ The Yard

   Sunday 1:30-2:30pm @DHS Warrior Gym


5th - 8th

  Thursday 7-8pm @ The Yard

  Sunday 1:30-2:30pm @DHS

Program Dates

Dates and Locations for each Session

Date                     Location
1/12/2024 Yard
1/14/2024 DHS Exhibition
1/17/2024 Yard
1/18/2024 Yard
1/19/2024 Yard
1/28/2024 DHS Warrior
1/31/2024 Yard
2/1/2024 Yard
2/2/2024 Yard
2/11/2024 DHS Exhibition
2/14/2024 Yard
2/15/2024 Yard
2/16/2024 Yard
2/18/2024 DHS Warrior
2/21/2024 Yard
2/22/2024 Yard
2/23/2024 Yard
2/25/2024 DHS Warrior
2/28/2024 Yard
2/29/2024 Yard
3/1/2024 Yard
3/3/2024 DHS Warrior
3/6/2024 Yard
3/7/2024 Yard
3/8/2024 Off
3/10/2024 DHS Warrior
3/13/2024 Yard
3/14/2024 Yard
3/15/2024 Yard
3/17/2024 DHS Warrior
3/20/2024 Yard
3/21/2024 Yard
3/22/2024 Yard



Coaching and Program

Video feedback

Coaching Staff

Drew Thomas, former professional baseball player and instructor at Illinois Baseball Academy has been hired to support the program with 12 professional coaching staff.  We will look for other specialists to bring in for things like pitching, fielding, sportsmanship, and hitting.  We also encourage player parents/coaches to supplement, learn tips, and teach the Warrior Way and DYBA Travel Baseball Technique Guide.  

The Program

The Elite Baseball Training Program consists of highly structured and organized practice sessions where individual development is the focus.  The program will make it fun and age appropriate but be a pathway to both varsity and college baseball.

The program is designed to maximize player development and minimize the focus on results. The program will require players to commit to a process over an outcome. This will redirect focus on what is within each player’s inner locus of control; discipline, motivation, and organization, and drive the actions needed to necessitate the outcome each player is moving towards.  This will therefore move player’s focus away from results including all stats (batting average, on base percentage, ERA), wins and losses, strikeouts etc.  The goal of the program is to cultivate players' love for the game and feeling of developmental progress.  The measure of success is individual player progress rather than individual achievement. (Registration)