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Deerfield Travel Baseball is excited to announce that registration is now open for the 8U travel tryouts.  Read the information below to answer most of your questions about the upcoming tryouts.  You can register by clicking HERE.




The purpose of the Deerfield Youth Baseball and Softball Association shall be to help promote and maintain high moral character as well as good mental and physical health in the young people involved in the baseball and softball programs. This objective will be attained by providing supervised athletic games. The supervisors shall bear in mind at all times that the attainments of exceptional athletic skill or winning of games is secondary to the objective herein.

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2023 Board of Directors APPROVED

The DYBSA Board of Directors is pleased to present the below approved Board of Directors for the 2023 season. This Board was approved at the DYBSA Board Meeting on October 18, 2022.

Congratulations and Thank You to all of these volunteers who help to run a great DYBSA program for all of the baseball and softball playing kids in Deerfield


Commissioner:  Harley Rosenthal
Assistant Commissioner: Michael Danielewicz
Past Commissioner: Paul Chanan
Secretary:  Art Silverman
Co-Treasurers:  Josh Felman & Lee Portman
Co-Directors of House Baseball: Todd Burman, Zach Kaplan & Adam Heiman
Director of House Softball: Jeseca Killeen
Co-Directors of Travel Baseball: Todd Rubin & Andrea Becker

Co-Directors of Travel Softball: Gregg Cooper & Tom Strauss
Co-Directors of Fields: Brandon Bashkin & Mike Irvine
Co-Directors of Umpires: Jake Godzicki & Jeremy Godzicki
Co-Directors of Uniforms & Equipment: Erin Cohen & Todd Hagle
Co-Directors of Registration & Technology: Jason Schwartz & Brian Andalman
Co-Directors of Fundraising & Sponsorship: Matt Goode & Michael Brandess
Director of Publicity: Michael Felish


COVID-19 Information

This info is current as of 03/30/2022 

DYBSA is continuously monitoring changes and updates regarding COVID-19 protocols issued by the State of Illinois and will continue to follow the guidelines set by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH).

We will continue to monitor the IDPH guidelines and update our policy accordingly in coordination with the Deerfield Park District.

We hope you continue to have a wonderful safe season, and good luck to all the girls and boys!


New Policy Regarding Teammate Requests


The DYBSA team selection process is designed to create even teams in each division and attempt to create the most competitive and fun balance for all players involved. Every effort is taken to eliminate the possibility of unbalanced teams. For those reasons, DYBSA does not allow friendship requests for its Baseball or Softball teams.  Requests for placement of a child on a team with another child, a specific coach outside of their own parent/guardian, and/or a carpool group will not be considered.

Simultaneously, acknowledging that parent volunteers are the backbone of the DYBSA organization, parent volunteer coaches may request to coach their own child alongside up to one (1) other coach under the following guidelines:

          - All volunteers who would like to coach must be registered              as a Coach, Assistant Coach or Manager in the DYBSA                SportsEngine registration system and must pass the                      background check process.

           - For any coach pairing request to be considered, each of               the Coaches/Managers must also request each other to                 ensure the coach requests are mutual. For Example: If                 Coach Smith requests to be paired with Coach Jones,                   then Coach Jones must also request to be paired with                   Coach Smith.

            - No more than two (2) coach volunteers can request to                  be placed on the same team with each other.

DYBSA will make every effort to place the requesting coaches on the same team.  Please note that while every effort will be made, this is not a guarantee.

All siblings/relatives within the same age group will automatically be placed on the same team unless otherwise directed by their parents/guardians.

To request that coaches be placed on the same team, please follow these guidelines. Coach requests are only accepted in the comments section of the coach registration system once registration for that specific league opens. No phone or email requests will be accepted. All correctly submitted coach pairing requests will be recorded for consideration, but, as always, not guaranteed. The DYBSA Board and each of the Baseball/Softball Directors reserve all final decisions on teams to accommodate extenuating circumstances as may be needed.

~DYBSA Board of Directors