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Dan McGrath


Phone: 630-743-1497

Mike Irvine

Assistant Commissioner

Dan McNair

Co-Director of House Baseball

Harley Rosenthal

Co-Director of House Baseball

Terry Platt

Co_Director of Travel Baseball

Rob Reddy

Co-Director of Travel Baseball

Jon Gault

Director of Fields

Phone: 773-551-1135

Matt Lusardi

Director of Equipment

Phone: 312-485-9258

Jamie Izaks

Director of Publicity

Emily Nagler


Past Commissioner

Past Commissioner

Jim Conzemius

Co-Director of House Softball

Lauren Freedman

Co-Director of House Softball

Michael Danielewicz

Co-Director of Travel Softball

Phone: 312-771-4087

Lara Richie

Co-Director of Travel Softball

Art Silverman


Joe Sanger

Director of Registration/Technology

Ryan Twose

Director of Fundraising

Mike S

Director of Umpires

The DYBA Conflict of Interest Policy and audited financial statements are available upon request.

Want to Raise an Issue to the Board?

Community members wishing to raise a matter at a DYBA Board meeting must provide the matter in writing of no more than one page, to the DYBA Commissioner at least three (3) business days in advance of the next regularly scheduled open DYBA Board Meeting.

The Commissioner will add the submitted matter to the Agenda for the Board Meeting with the written submission to be provided to the Members of the Board.

At the Board Meeting, DYBA Members each will be given up to five minutes to address the Board with the issues raised.  Board members will be permitted to question the DYBA Member and comment.

If a vote is required upon the matter raised by the DYBA Member, it will be conducted at the next regularly scheduled Board Meeting.  Votes on presented matters will be permitted at the Meeting in which the matter is presented only if exigent or extreme circumstances exist in the opinion of the Commissioner in consultation with the Board as a whole. 

Any DYBA Member presented matters involving or addressing player eligibility for any DYBA sponsored program must be presented at a Board Meeting no less than 60 days prior to the tryout or team formation for the affected player(s) absent exigent or extreme circumstances that may exist in the opinion of the Commissioner in consultation with the Board as a whole.  E.g.:  This means that if a team tryout is occurring on September 1 and the team announced on or before September 15, then the player eligibility issue must be presented by the Community Member on or before July 2.  If the DYBA Board Meeting for July is set for July 8, then the matter must have been presented at the June Board Meeting absent exigent or extreme circumstances as noted above.

Notwithstanding the above, all DYBA members are invited to attend all open Board meetings and, if time allows, may be allowed to question or address the board about general DYBA matters on that meeting's agenda.