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Girls T-Ball

The Girls T-Ball program is aimed at introducing girls to the basics of throwing, catching, hitting, and running the bases.  Our volunteer parent coaches emphasize teamwork and fun through practice and game activities.  New coaches are always needed.  Parents - Please consider volunteering to coach your daughter's team.   A coaches meeting/orientation will take place in the spring to provide further information about the program, suggested activities, and rules.  Your involvement is necessary and appreciated.

Season Schedule:  The Spring season begins April 6th (weather permitting) and will run until June 10th.  Over the past few years interest and excitement has allowed for a great summer T-Ball program.

Equipment: Girls need to have their own glove and helmet.  Bats, soft T-Balls, practice balls, bases, Tees, and uniforms are provided.

Team structure and schedule:  Teams are coached by volunteer parents.  Each team has a Manager designated to be in charge of communication with the League President, team parents, and other Managers and Coaches.  Teams typically have a Manager and at least one Coach. Teams are made up of approximately 8-10 girls.  Efforts are made to balance teams by age and school.

Teams have practice/games on Saturday mornings and Monday evenings.  Each activity is 60-90 minutes.  Teams practice for the first 1/2 and play a game for the remaining time.

Games:  A small infield is set up.  All girls hit off the Tee.  Scores and outs are not kept.  Fielders are instructed to throw to first base or another appropriate base.  Teams rotate once all girls have batted.  Snacks and other team activities to build teamwork and excitement are encouraged.

Questions?  Contact the Co-Directors of House Softball, Lauren Freedman and Jeseca Killeen at

Jeseca Killeen

Co-Director of House Softball

Lauren Freedman

Co-Director of House Softball

Spring Session Starts....