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Travel Softball

10u Warriors Attend NU Softball Game at Drysdale Field in Evanston!

2022 Travel Softball Rosters

Softball Tryouts for the 2022 Season are Closed



General Tryout Information:

  • The tryout registration fee has been reduced this year and will be $150. If your player is assigned to a team, the $150 will be a credit towards your 2022 softball travel fees which will be set later this year. If your player is not offered a roster spot, this fee will be refunded.
  • All tryout sessions are closed to parents/spectators.
  • Players should review and be familiar with the DYBA COVID Guidelines as posted on Coaches will reinforce these guidelines at the start of the session and model these guidelines throughout. 
  • Players should arrive 15 minutes prior to the designated start time and be ready to begin at the designated start time. Parents should return to pick up their player(s) approximately 5 minutes prior to the designated ending time (unless directed otherwise at the time of tryouts).
  • Players should dress for softball with fielding mask and other appropriate gear (bat, fielding glove, helmet, etc.) and bring all equipment to the tryout. A limited number of extra catcher’s gear may be available.
  • Players should bring a drink and be prepared for inclement weather.
  • Please wear no Deerfield Travel jerseys (helmets and pants OK if no other options).
  • Results of the tryouts will be announced after the second tryout in late August.
  • Please refer to the website for any updates or changes to the tryout dates, times and/or locations. 



Eligibility Requirements:

  • All residents of Deerfield, Riverwoods, Bannockburn, Lincolnshire, as well as neighboring communities including Highland Park and Lake Forest are eligible to tryout. To determine the age level your player will compete for, reference this chart:

Age level

Year of birth


2012 & later (2013, 2013, etc.)


2010 & 2011


2008 & 2009



Numbers of Players/Teams:

  • No set limits on numbers of teams for each age-group: The number of teams for each age-group will depend on interest, skill levels, and other factors. If there is an ability for 2 or more teams to be formed for any one age group, each team will be rostered based on skill level, with the higher skilled players placed on the red team, the next group on the grey team, and so on.  
  • No set limits on numbers of players: Typically, DYBA rosters travel softball teams of 12 players. However, larger or smaller teams may be rostered after tryouts.


Travel Softball Fees:

  • Deposit: A deposit of $150.00 is required in order for players to try out for travel softball. For players rostered on any travel team, this deposit is non-refundableand the entire amount will be credited toward the travel softball fee. For players not rostered on a travel team, this deposit will be refunded in full.
  • Travel Softball Fee: The fee for the 2022 Travel Softball season will be set towards end of the year. 



  1. Selection to a team: By trying out for a DYBA travel team, players are committing to participating on the travel team to which they are selected. If a player withdraws from a travel team after being selected, the player’s family will forfeit the tryout fee/deposit and the player will not be allowed to take part in the next set of travel tryouts for the following season. In effect, she will miss two (2) travel seasons before she can try out for a DYBA travel team again. Players can appeal to the DYBA Board of Directors to be considered for early reinstatement. 


  1. Season Commitment:  DYBA Travel Softball provides for a higher level of competition than DYBA House Softball, and with that comes a responsibility for all rostered players to be active participants with their team for the entirety of the season, which runs April through mid-July. While it may be acceptable for an individual player to miss a few practices or games for extenuating circumstances, it is not acceptable for travel players to miss extended periods of time during the season. One example of an unacceptable absence would be leaving the team before the end of the season to attend overnight camp. The DYBA Travel Softball season is set in such a way to enable girls to play the full travel season and attend the second four weeks of most overnight camps. 


  1. Family Volunteerism: Travel Softball families must commit to volunteering at least 4 hours during the DYBA Warrior Classic softball tournament weekend, which will be scheduled for June 24-26, 2022. All Travel Softball families across all age levels are required to volunteer their time during this tournament weekend. Failure to volunteer will result in your player having diminished playing time or not being allowed to try out for next season’s travel team. We are only able to host a successful tournament with the support of our wonderful and committed Travel Softball families.


Other Information:

  • As we continue to progress through the current COVID-19 environment, we will continue to monitor updated laws and guidelines concerning the operation of team sports. We traditionally hold winter workouts at the DHS gym, but may have to relocate depending on local laws, guidelines, and occupancy requirements.


  • Please help us get the word out about our Travel Softball tryouts; We are always looking for new and talented players.


  • If you are wondering whether your player is too young to start playing travel softball, we have had many players begin playing travel softball at 8 years old. If you have any questions about the DYBA Travel Softball program, please reach out to the current Directors of Travel Softball for more information.


  • The DYBA Travel Softball Handbook can be found on the DYBA Travel_Softball page, or directly accessed here: Travel Softball Handbook.  Please note this handbook may be updated later this year.


  • Thank you and GO WARRIORS!!


Jay Silber,

Ryan Twose, 

Directors, Travel Softball



House Softball Required For Travel Players

House League Requirements and Conflicts

All travel players through 6th grade must play in the Deerfield Spring House league. This also applies for out of District players; however, the out of district player can petition to have the house requirement waived. For example, it is doubtful a travel girl from Highland Park can opt out of the house requirement due to the proximity of the towns. A girl who is playing for DYBA but comes from the Evanston area may not be required due to logistics.

As far as conflicts between a house league function and a travel function, house league games take precedent over a travel practice and games. Managers of House and Travel teams are encouraged to work together if travel teams create conflicts. The House Spring Softball Schedule is designed to leave open at least two weeknights, Saturday afternoons and Sundays for travel activities. Travel managers are directed to schedule their games during these open times during the Spring House Season.

No travel games may/should or practices should be scheduled during the House playoffs. If Travel activities are scheduled during House playoffs, the Travel activities must be cancelled if there is a conflict.

Travel games and practices take precedent over house league practices. 

Harley Rosenthal