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Summer 2024 Softball Registration is now Open!


Run the 'field this upcoming summer with DYBSA House Softball!

Registration will end May 28.

As applicable, draft by coaches will be held on June 4th @ DHS.

Season officially begins on June 17 and runs through August 10th.

Softball players move up in the Summer season to their rising grade level.

TBall- PreK+ K - $160

Meets Saturdays @9 or 11 and *Mondays @5:45

Pinto - 1st and 2nd grades - $185

Meets Saturdays @9 or 11 and *Tuesdays @5:45

Mustang - 3rd through 5th grades - $215

Meets Saturdays @ 9 or 11 and *Wednesdays @5:45

Bronco- 6th through 8th grades - $215

Meets Saturdays @9 or 11 and *Mondays @5:45

*Weekday schedules are based on field availability.

TBall Softball may be combined with TBall Baseball, dependent upon numbers. The weekday session day may change.

Summer Sign Up Here


Important Registration Info:

  • We use SPORTS ENGINE for scheduling and teams.  You will need to create a SPORTS ENGINE account if you do not have one already.  
  • Days of the week/times for play may change occasionally due to field availability. We share many fields throughout Deerfield so we cannot guarantee the day of the week that practice falls.
  • Playoff schedule for Mustang and Bronco is not set until the last regular season game is over. 
  • NO friend requests. 
  • Mustang/Bronco Coaches looking to coach with a friend will be able to choose up to 1 other coach to partner with.

Rosemont Day Video!

Flash Win the Spring Mustang Championship!

2022 Spring Mustang Softball Champions

Team Serota/Mysel Mustang Spring 2nd Place

Softball Info

Leagues: The DYBSA sponsors softball leagues from Pre-K through 8th Grade. All leagues will play one night per week and on Saturday mornings. 

Leagues Ages Dates of Play Equipment & Details


Entering in the Fall:
  • Pre-K
  • Kindergarten
  • Saturday Morning @9 or 11 and Monday Evening @5:45
Players hit a softer 10" ball off a tee.

Required Equipment:

  • Protective Helmet
  • Softball Glove


Entering in the Fall:
  • 1st Grade
  • 2nd Grade


  • Saturday Morning @9 or 11 and Tuesday Evening @5:45
Coach Pitch using a softer 11" softball

Required Equipment:

  • Protective Helmet with Face Shield
  • Softball Glove


Entering in the Fall:
  • 3rd Grade
  • 4th Grade
  • 5th Grade
  • Saturday Morning @9 or 11 and Wednesday Evening @5:45
Player & Coach Pitch using a standard 11" softball

Required Equipment:

  • Protective Helmet with Face Shield
  • Protective Fielding Mask
  • Softball Glove


Entering in the Fall:
  • 6th Grade
  • 7th Grade
  • 8th Grade
  • Saturday Morning @9 or 11and Monday Evening @5:45
Players Pitch using a standard 12" softball

Required Equipment:

  • Protective Helmet with Face Shield
  • Protective Fielding Mask
  • Softball Glove

**Days of the week for play may change due to field availability

The goals of Deerfield Softball are to have fun, learn new skills, and make new friends. T-Ball and Pinto focus on skill development and learning the fun of softball. At the Bronco and Mustang levels, skill development and the fun continue while scores are kept and champions are crowned.

Register Now!

Register Now for DYBSA Program


If you have any questions about playing, volunteering or anything to do with Deerfield Softball, please do not hesitate to email the Director of House Softball at or by clicking the link below.


As always, feel free to contact the DYBSA Commissioner at

Director of House Softball

Sarah Mysel

Co-Director of House Softball

Carrie Ferguson

Co-Director of House Softball